We're a Solar Powered Auto Repair Shop in Cary, NC!

We are a Solar Powered Auto Repair Shop in Cary, NC! | Discovery Automotive

Discovery Automotive is proud to be the first auto repair shop in Cary, NC to install solar panels as a greener way to power our electrical usage! We installed a 17.4-kilowatt solar system that generates the power we need without detrimental effects on the environment. It is our goal to be a more green auto repair shop to help better preserve our beautiful environment for future generations. It is our hope that other auto repair shops will join in the effort to provide greener auto repair facilities to combat the harmful pollutants that our industry and our automobiles create.

See How Much Energy Our Solar Panels Are Generating!

See How Much Energy Our Solar Panels Are Generating! | Discovery Automotive

You can follow along and see in real-time just how much energy our solar panels are generating just by clicking here!

We are very happy with our decision to install solar panels, and encourage others to look into their benefits as well. Greenhouse gas emissions have a huge impact on the Earth’s balance of land, ocean and air temperature, so it’s important that we do everything we can to help.

We Properly Recycle All Automotive Fluids & Parts

In addition to being solar-powered, Discovery Automotive also properly recycles all automotive fluids, such as motor oil, coolant, and more. We also recycle cans and bottles and any scrap metal or other materials from the auto repair services we provide.

If you want to learn more about our green auto repair efforts or our solar panels just ask one of our friendly team members today and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions!

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